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Living in Halifax, NS, for over a decade,  Alex graduated from Dalhousie University with a Master’s in Marine Management and began coordinating Oceans Week HFX in 2014. Presently working with Oceana Canada as an Ocean Science Expedition Coordinator, she enjoys  every opportunity to discover and connect others with our oceans.

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New York based filmmaker, Drew works in video production as an MCR Operator the Mill. After completing a degree in Digital Media & Photography at Marist College, he went on become a PADI Underwater Photographer and Scuba Diver. As an experienced surfer & mariner, Drew has developed an appreciation for the oceans, above and below the surface.

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Nova Scotia based Land/Underwater Photographer & Rescue Diver, currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Monica has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University and an advanced diploma in Oceans Technology from NSCC. She has joined GlasOcean Engineering with goals to increase ocean literacy in Canada through the power of media & technology.