We support our growing ocean community here at home, Oceans Week HFX was initiated by local volunteers to ensure the World Oceans Day legacy continues. With the focus on inclusivity and accessibility, OWHFX invites broad audiences to participate in a range of recreational and educational activities.

We recognize the importance of the oceans in our lives, and the lives of future generations, and in turn recognize the need to protect this valuable - but vulnerable - resource. To help raise the profile and garner greater interest and actions for our oceans, the world celebrates together every June.

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To locally celebrate World Oceans Day (June 8) in Halifax and beyond, Nova Scotia by the promotion and awareness of andadvocacy for our oceans and our broad ocean community.



Our ocean community is growing! Stay informed and join us for another great year of Oceans Week HFX this June, 2018. Discover the ways you can help make a difference in our community and learn about the importance of ocean education.